Welsh Week, 22 – 29 June 2019

20th September 2018

Events secretary Baz Staple writes:

As regular entrants to this long standing event know John Appleton and Colin Bentham are standing down after many years of superbly satisfying the entrants’ needs. Aberystwyth has been the traditional base for the Welsh Week since 1984, but since the University could no longer accommodate us we moved to Radnor Revivals in Llanbister in 2015 where the hosts, Tim, Bev and Jack Kemp have provided routes, food and backup in an efficient and most satisfactory way and this group will take over full organisation on behalf of the Club in 2019. The accommodation is in comfortable well equipped lodges, with good homemade food thanks to Bev and daily rides  of  80 – 100 miles per day in beautiful Welsh countryside including coffee, lunch and tea stops en route. For those with caravans, campers or tents there is ample space with communal toilet / wash house available.

Event entrant numbers reduced in the past couple of years and in order to obtain sufficient entries to cover overheads the Welsh Week will no longer be closed to club members only, but instead is opened up to members of other clubs riding pre 1940 motorcycles, outfits and three wheelers. Thus its important for regulars to complete their entries in early in case the entry list fills up. Regulations and entry forms will be available shortly.

Recent sad news is that site’s extensive workshops have been badly damaged by a horrendous fire. Tim has lost some of his valued cars and motorcycles as well as part of the premises and his large collection of specialist tools. As if they aren’t busy enough already they are now needing to contend with insurance matters and accompanying paperwork. I’m sure all Welsh Week regulars offer  every sympathy for their current sorry predicament.

Secretary of the 2019 Welsh Week is Bev Kemp, e-mail <vsekemp@btinternet.com>