Sunbeam Motorcycle Club - Welcome


The Club organises the following trials annually:

The Sunbeam Club was a founder member of the Star Group, a collection of clubs in the western portion of the ACU South East Centre. One of our events, The Gordon Jackson Trial, is run for Star Group riders and our members can also compete in the annual Star Group Championship. The Star Group exemplifies keen rivalry between the competing clubs, carried out in a fair and friendly manner with a truly sporting attitude.

The Gingerbeards Trial and the Greybeards Trial are run on the same weekend at the same place. Camping is available and free for the entire weekend for people whether they are riders, officials or spectators.

We have an Associated Membership System with the Bexleyheath and District MCC giving us access to the North Kent Wobbler series of trials for beginners and those seeking an easy competitive ride. We can also access Bexleyheath’s extensive range of club trials for beginners through to out and out experts. In addition, we have the opportunity to ride in the Bexleyheath series of Green Lane outings every month.

The South East Trials Combine have set-up a Sunbeam trials web-page on the following clickable link
The South East Trials Combine with entry regs & forms, the site will also notify the latest trials results.

Regular trials riders entering as Sunbeam Club members can receive the Sporting Motorcyclist at a discounted price.