Pioneer Run 2019 Entry Forms

1st November 2018

The Pioneer Run organising committee have discovered that despite posting over 600 entry forms a month ago to past riders, including all those who entered for the 2018 run, some regular riders haven’t received their copies. Loss seems patchy but includes many with surnames beginning with ‘R’ and ‘S’ as well as few commencing with ‘M.’ As yet we can find no cause for these omissions as all were addressed and dispatched for posting, and the problem appears outside our control.

Both entry form and regulations are available for download from this website from either the small or larger calendar.

Cut off date for entries for the 2019 Pioneer Run is 31 December 2018

On behalf of the SMCC Ltd we offer our apologies to all who haven’t received their 2019 Pioneer Run entry forms

Update: An entrant who’s surname commences with ‘H’ hasn’t received entry form.  Again the SMCC Ltd is sorry for the inconvenience caused.