New Website

5th February 2018

Welcome to the SMCC’s new website. This is the club members’ website and we look forward to adding your photographs of runs, club night activities and other events along with brief reports and news stories where possible.

If you notice any errors please e-mail appropriate corrections. While we have used copy from the old website along with many additions and corrections by Jenny and Baz Staple as webmaster I have created some new material and sourced a selection of alternative photographs. No matter how many times copy is read and re-read mistakes will remain so please feel free to advise corrections.

At present the shop needs more work and the members only section remains in-operative. These are both cases of ‘work in progress’ as we felt with so much of the new site ready it was time to go live. Unlike the website it replaces, the new site is user friendly to smart phones, tablets and any other device currently known to man.

Finally I would like to thank Martin Rowsell and his team for all their hard work and advice offered plus my daughter and son-in-law, Lucy and Justin Driver, for their patience and help when the ‘old fella – me!’ was struggling.

Richard Rosenthal