Annual Subscriptions
(with effect from 1st October 2017)

Full Membership for UK residents (see note 1 below) £22
Full Membership for Non UK Residents (see note 1 below) £28
Family member (all areas) £5

Subscription Renewal
All subscriptions are due for renewal at the annual subscription rate on 1st January each year except that

  1. Full Members who join the Club after 30th June shall be entitled to a 50% reduction for the first renewal only.
  2. For the purpose of subscription renewal members who join the Club after 30th September shall be treated as though they joined on the following 1st of January.


  1. UK Members are those living in the UK postal area. That is England, Scotland, Wales, Northern Ireland, Isle of Man, Scilly Isles and the Channel Islands. All other countries incur higher postal charges and are classed as “Non UK”.
  2. Any member of the family of a Full Member may apply to become a Family Member, provided they live at the same address and share one magazine. Some Sunbeam MCC events have a two tier entry rate for members and non-members. If Family Members below the age of nineteen wish to enter as drivers they may enter as a Full Member but after that age they must either become a Full Member and pay the lower entry rate or remain a Family Member and pay the higher entry rate.
  3. We ask for the date of birth of members only so that we can track the average age of the Club membership and the average age of new members
  4. Our membership records are kept on a digital database but are not distributed or made available to any third party and are used only by Sunbeam MCC officers for Club purposes.

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