Club Events

28th May 2019

SMCC Ltd Chairman Arnold Marshall writes:

Our Club membership has been steadily growing over the last few years with members joining country wide. To keep this momentum going we would like to provide more opportunities for members to meet, whether pub meets, visits to shows, ride outs or more formal activities.

This is why we are asking members or groups of members to join our existing team of Activity Organisers by arranging something for the Club in their local area.

The job doesn’t have to be all time consuming, particularly if shared with others. I am sure that any of our existing organisers will be happy to provide an explanation of what is involved. Why not chat to any of the contacts listed on the Club Events page of the Club News for the inside story? Or the website club officials page.

Organising an events doesn’t mean you have to be tied to it year after year. It could be a one-off, or, why not share it with a friend? taking turns on alternate years.

The message is, it does not need to be a grind, it should be a pleasure and you will really be contributing to our Club.

In addition to asking for new events, we also need to ensure a continuation of existing ones.

We still need a victim or team of victims to take over the Graham Walker Memorial Run from next year. The Run has been held for 57 years so the route, regulations and general format are already in place. Why not give it a try? Ian McGill will welcome help this year and will be happy to guide and advise the new organiser/s in the future.

The good new is that Ian Gilbert has stepped forward to organise the Romney Marsh Run this year, after talking to Julie and Rick, the previous organisers and the event’s founders. Thank you Ian.