Club Events for Members

13th May 2019

Events secretary Baz Staple writes:

The future of the club relies on having enjoyable interesting events, both off-road and on-road. This article concentrates on the latter non-competitive events. Our largest of course is the Pioneer Run® and we have various other events, large and small in a growing range across the country, but we definitely need more.

Can you and a friend help to provide this need? An example of taking over an already organised event is the Romney Marsh Run in September which is crying out for a new organiser. Julie Diplock and Rick Bailey started this successful run five years ago but with mounting pressure on their time including Julie editing our Club News we need a new organiser (SOM – Secretary of Meeting). Julie and Rick will help on the day and mark the route. The Romney Marsh Run is a super event, please don’t let it die.

We need more events and this is where help is required, plus older organisers need to hand over to a younger gang.

So what is need in organising a new events? The successful formula is to find a start and finish venue providing sufficient space and a willing land or other venue proprietor. This isn’t difficult, particularly if they see the joint venture with some extra trade and interest for their clientele. An essential is toilets of course and it is also of benefit if the rider’s family or supporters have something to see or do when the rider is out doing his/her stuff.

The venue needs access to suitable roads and route, just think of our other events, they don’t need to be in the country as there are many suitable towns and villages that will fit the bill. What about where you live?

It is up the the organiser to decide whether this have veteran, vintage or post-vintage (pre 1940) machines or a combination of these. The paperwork is now simpler and every assistance with be given by the Events Team (Jenny and Baz Staple) who can provide samples of all required paperwork (eg entry form and regulations) to serve as templates.

We must have more events to satisfy our growing membership. So can you or others, with or without partners, help provide some new annual events.

Please contact Jenny and Baz Staple <>