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A commonly held misconception about our club
The Sunbeam Motor Cycle Club was formed in 1924 for the owners of Sunbeam motorcycles, but by 1925 the club had begun to welcome owners of all makes of machine to their club events. The club now caters for enthusiasts of early machines, particularly veteran machines and pre-1940, regardless of manufacturer. The club also runs many sporting trials which have a heritage that dates back to the club’s formative years.

The club name however has been retained since the original concept over 90 years ago. The continuing use of the name has often caused confusion among motorcycle enthusiasts, particularly owners of Sunbeam motorcycles who are looking for marque specific information or wish to join a club exclusively dedicated to Sunbeam machines.

We therefore have to emphasise that we do not specialise in Sunbeam motorcycles.

How do I join the Sunbeam Motor Cycle Club?
Joining is easy and the membership fee is modest. Click on the “Membership” link on the left hand side column to obtain details and an application form.

Do we only cater for Sunbeams?
No, we run events for all makes of motorcycles pre 1940 and trials bikes. We have to emphasise that we do not specialise in Sunbeam motorcycles.

I have a S7 or S8, can you help?
Unfortunately, we cannot. However you can contact the Sunbeam Owners Fellowship who do.

Does the Club have a spares scheme and do we buy spares or complete motor cycles?
We do not have a spares scheme, nor do we purchase motor cycles.

Can you value or date my motor cycle?
We are unable to enter into valuations for any type of motorcycle. However, the club run the Pioneer Register to authenticate pre 1915 veteran machines and issues a certificate of eligibility to enter the Club’s Pioneer Run®.

How do I get a Pioneer Certificate for my motor cycle?
You need to submit an application form with photographs to the Pioneer Registrar. For more information please visit the Pioneer Run® page.

Does the club have an archive facility?
The club has an archive comprising predominately pre-1940 publications and images including the extensive Tiny Ayres collection. While the archive cannot accept visitors Sunbeam MCC members can obtain details of publications and images held from the club Registrar, John Waghorn who can supply photocopies at cost plus p + p. Contact John Waghorn directly, details as published in The Club News.

Where and when does the Club meet?
Club nights in Sussex are held at the Six Bells, Chiddingly, Near Lewes, Sussex on the 1st Thursday of each month.

Club nights in Kent are held at the Village Hall, West Kingsdown, Kent, TN15 6BZ on the 3rd Monday of each month.

Club lunches in Essex are held at the The Vine, Great Bardfield, Braintree, Essex CM7 4SR on the 1st Saturday of each month.

Refer to the Calendar and Latest News pages for further details.

Members and Non-members will be made welcome if you come along.