Sunbeam Motorcycle Club - Welcome


Founded in 1924, the Sunbeam Motor Cycle Club remains one of the oldest clubs in the country and, like so many good things, its beginnings were quite humble.

The inaugural meeting of the Sunbeam Motor Cycle Club was held on Monday 14 July 1924 at the London showrooms of John Marston Ltd in Holborn Viaduct. John Marston Ltd manufactured the Sunbeam motorcycles and cars in their factory at Wolverhampton. The meeting was followed up a few days later on Sunday 27 July in Richmond Park with a small rally of enthusiasts. The photo above was taken at this event.

Though starting as a one make club in 1925 it became a club welcoming members with any make of machine and has remained so to this day. However, the club title remains unchanged which can cause confusion.

Where we are Today

Nowadays the club concentrates on providing a steadily widening range of non-competitive road runs for veteran, vintage and pre 1940 motorcycles, tricycles and sidecar outfits including both one day and longer residential events starting in March and continuing throughout the summer. Following the long established SMCC tradition we also run a small series of off-road sporting trials for both classic and modern machines.

The annual Pioneer Run® remains our flagship event attracting worldwide entries of over 300 veteran motorcycles, tricycles, selected quadricycles and sidecar combinations. Authenticity of all machines entering is monitored by the SMCC Pioneer Register system and new applications to register are welcomed by the registrar.

Membership numbers have been growing steadily since 2014 but the club remains a friendly supportive community and haven for enthusiasts of all classes of pre 1940 motorcycles regardless of country of manufacture.

The club attends many motorcycle shows and events with the club marquee, please stop for a chat and you’ll be assured of a warm welcome.