80th Pioneer Run – 24 March 2019

27th March 2019

Report to follow later:


Facts and figures

Total number of entries received: ………………. 307

Riders / drivers signed on at Epsom …………… 271

Riders / drivers signed off at Brighton ………… 249

Non-finishers …………………………………………….. 22


Award winners, prizes and certificates presented 

Certificates awarded: (rider’s numbers quoted as figures)

60   Frank Dolman – 1912 Douglas 340cc Ladies Model, 60 Pioneer Runs completed (on same motorcycle)

47   Rob Kitchen – 1909 NSU 490cc, 40 Pioneer Runs completed

The Lt Col ‘Tiny’ Ayers Memorial Trophy            

Awarded to the rider with the greatest combined age of rider and machine

Winner  1  Dave Pittuck, 1896 Leon Bollée 3.5HP tricar, 200 years (total)

Second  8  John Elliot, 1899 Renaux 500cc tricycle, 198 years

Third     22  Vincent Belgraver, 1903 Kerry 2.25HP 194 years

The Laurie Fenton Memorial Trophy

Awarded to the rider with the greatest age difference between rider and machine

Winner  126  Morgan Thomas, 1912 Alldays & Onions 3.5HP, 85 years (age difference)

Second  134  Daniel Anstiss, 1914 Douglas 348cc, 83 years

Third       88  Frederick Peschken, 1912 Wanderer 1.75HP, 82 years

The Ladies Award

Awarded to the best lady rider

50   Jacqueline Bickerstaff, 1909 Triumph 499cc

The Bob Currie Memorial Trophy

Awarded to the rider with the most meritorious performance

60   Frank Dolman, 1912 Douglas 340cc Ladies Model, 60 Pioneer Runs – all riding the same motorcycle

The Classic Motorcycle Trophy

Donated by the Classic MotorCycle magazine for best authentic and unrestored machine

159   John Taylor, 1914  Ariel 3.5HP

Dutch Horsepower Team Trophy

To the team of three riders, one from each class with greatest combined age of riders and machines to complete the course by 1pm

Barnards Three Wheelers comprising: 8 John Elliot, 1899 Renaux 500cc tricycle – 35 Bernard Holmes, 1907 Vindec 670cc outfit – 186 Barry Dorling, 1914 Matchless 996cc outfit. Total 556 years.

The German VTV Trophy

Donated by the German VTV Motorcycle Club for the best newcomer

145   David Moffat, 1914 Zenith Gradua 3.5HP

The Brian Verrall Memorial Trophy

Donated by Mrs Margaret Verrall for the best three wheeler

29   Nigel Cornelius, 1904 Rover 4hp forecar

The Ray Newton Memorial Trophy

Donated by Mrs Betti Newton for the best ‘V’ twin machine

87   Hans-Dieter Springer, 1914 Wanderer 8HP

The Wally Lambert Memorial Trophy

Donated by the Lambert family for the best American built machine

109   Gert Holmersma, 1914 Indian 7HP

The Pioneer Registrars Trophy

Donated by John Waghorn

97   Martin Hecksher, 1913 BSA 3.5HP


The Sunbeam MCC Chairman, Arnold Marshall, presented engraved Pioneer Run medals to:

Councillor Dee Simpson, The Mayor of Brighton & Hove Council

Councillor Neil Dallen, The Mayor or Epsom and Ewall Council